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FM Themes (Simple)

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FM Themes (Simple)

Post by Poser on Sun Jun 05, 2016 8:34 pm

Official Forum Review

FM Themes

First Impressions
General Forum Appearance
Forum Activity
Staff & Usergroups
Forum Originality
Forum Layout & Organization
Grammar & Spelling


  • The simplicity of your forum directly grabbed my attention the moment I entered to the forum/ The simple banner contributes to the professional feel of the site. The genre of the board seems very inviting to newbie administrators looking for themes. On your forum appearance, the dominance of light green (or so) gave me an organic, nature feel to it on a personal note. Your statistics box looks great, as there is that kind of depth while looking on it. On another note, it seems that your post profile needs a little bit of organization, as in using the colons to be your basis of center aligning the elements. Other than that, you have a professional-looking site! Next up, your members have had recent visits, but few drop by to leave a post, which I'd call a forum slow down. I hope you can address this one as your forum is very promising. But, I commend the quality of your posts, as it looks very sensible and helpful to the members. To boost your activity, I suggest that you affiliate with other active "themeing" sites, as well as promoting in in social media (which I see that you have done it effectively). When it comes to your staff and usergroups, I strongly appreciate the professionalism of your staff as seen in their posts. You have a reasonable number of groups considering the state of your site at the moment. I'd like to suggest filling members on some groups as some only contain the group moderator. Moving on, I appreciate the unique features that your forum has such as the night mode and font size selector which give way to ergonomics. So far, with the services your forum offers, I can say that your forum has its distinction among the others. I cannot comment much on your forum layout and organization as it is finely organized and user-friendly. Lastly, I have spotted a few, minor grammatical inconsistencies, particularly on the forum descriptions. For Questions and Suggestions, it should be suggest instead of "suggests"; Point Shop, where it should be sale instead of "sell"; Theme and Template Request, it should be request instead of "requests."

Forum Strengths

  • Forum Appearance
  • Ergonomic Features (Night Mode and Font Size Selector)
  • Unique Services for a Regular "Themeing" Forum

Forum Weakness

  • Forum Activity

Average Review Score:
9.43 / 10

Written by: Poser
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